Aliens vs Predator vs Everyone Part 1 (Video)

We finally get around to taking a look at Aliens vs Predator vs ALL OTHER LICENSES. We cover over 2 decades worth of material and tell you what they are and what’s worth reading. Continue reading

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Batman vs Predator Comics – A Match Made in Heaven (Video)

We take a look at Batman vs Predator and analyze what made it so good and special. It should be easy to see why, it’s Batman and Predator, pretty easy to be awesome, right? Continue reading

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Resident Evil Movie Series Breakdown (Podcast )

So, we watched all the Resident Evil movies (again) and even the newest one in theaters, then we talked ALL about them. This one goes looooong. There’s just a lot to say about this franchise I guess.

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AlphaRookie Plays Resident Evil 2 (Video)

So with the “last” Resident Evil movie coming out soon, we decided to watch all of them and do a podcast. Then, we decided we might as well play Resident Evil 2 and try to get an A ranking after not playing for a decade. Having been the game AlphaMale has beaten more than any other, it’s a test to see how much he can remember. Rookie keeps the chat interesting with RE facts and questions from fans.

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Aliens vs Predator Comics – Origin of the Crossover Hit (Video)

We take a look at where the Aliens vs Predator concept first began, in the comics. We go through what stories to read, which Omnibus to buy, and what not to look at. Look for Part 2 where we cover even more mashups in the Alien and Predator franchises.

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Twin Peaks Summary Part 1 – Characters (Video)

So, Twin Peaks is getting a reboot/series continuation sometime in 2017. In preparation, we decide to summarize the old show and get you up to speed before the new series begins. In part 1, we go over the entire cast of characters and the relationships between them all. Also, we do it fast to save you time. In part 2, we will summarize Season 1.

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Alphacast Episode 8 – Arrival, Don’t Breathe, Feels, and Turkey Basters


We talk about movies we’ve watched over the past couple weeks including Arrival and Don’t Speak (spoilers abound), why Kyle hates Star Wars, why Kyle loves Steven Soderbergh, and why we both love Korean movies so much. Plus questions from the community!

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Overlooked – Black Fire (Video)

We let you know about the super smooth graphic novel Black Fire by Hernan Rodriguez published by Archaia Entertainment. Just kidding, it’s horrific and depressing, awesome, check it out!

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Return of the Living Dead Podcast – Series Breakdown


We watch all the Return of the Living Dead movies, all 5.  Then we talk about it, and tell you about them, so listen.

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AvP Armageddon Book Review & Universe Discussion – AvP Rage War 3 (Video)

We finish reading and talking about Alien vs Predator Armageddon – The Rage War 3 – by Tim Lebbon. See what we have to say about the book, and the AvP universe as a whole.

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